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Corvée - In feudal societies, an annual tax on a serf that is payable by labor; used to complete royal projects, to maintain roads, and for other purposes. Without the accent, the stress would fall on the last a, as in Spanish: Paraguai (Portuguese) and Paraguay (Spanish) "Paraguay", ai! (Potuguese) and ¡ay! (Spanish) "ow!", aí (Portuguese) and ahí (Spanish) "there", há (Portuguese) and hay (Spanish) "there is/are". The Atlantic states of Spain and Portugal were foremost in this enterprise though other countries, notably England and the Netherlands, also took part.

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Ecclesiastic authority successfully kept the masses on the straight and narrow path through fear and spiritual agony. Fear of the devil had a stronger impact than the love of Jesus or God (4). Europe was effectively ruled by an aristocracy of traditionally privileged families and nobles, enterprising merchants and traders, and the Catholic Church. Collectively, they sought to gain power and wealth by taking advantage of the insurmountable resources in the New World and by exploiting the people of Africa and the West Indies ref.: Valle-Inclan: The Captain's Daughter and the Dead Man's Finery (Hispanic Classics). Jacques Chirac, mayor of Paris and founder of the RPR Gullist party, was chosen as prime minister They are derived from Sanskrit (the classical language of Hinduism dating from 1000BC). This gave rise to Pali (the language of Buddhism), Ardhamagadhi (the language of Jainism) and the ancestors of the modern North Indian languages. Of the modern North Indian languages, Hindi and Urdu are very similar but differ in the script click for free. The French, for their part, established a highly centralized administrative system that was influenced by their ideology of colonialism and their national tradition of extreme administrative centralism. Their colonial ideology explicitly claimed that they were on a "civilizing mission" to lift the benighted "natives" out of backwardness to the new status of civilized French Africans ref.:
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