In Search of an Alternative Biopolitics: Anti-Bullfighting,

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Events in Iraq were more of the same.� In the opinion of Chomsky, Becker, Mukhtar, and others, America’s strangulation of Iraq is destroying a regional power so that no Middle East nation dares oppose America’s hegemony.� What America did to Southeast Asia was similar.� The goal is eliminating regional power structures across the globe, recolonizing the planet, and turning it into our Global Plantation.� As America eliminates regional powers such as Yugoslavia and Iraq, we eliminate any chance that those regions can resist our domination.� Our genocidal policies towards Iraq are part of a long-term strategy by the USA and the UK to dismember Iraq, Yugoslavia, and any other nation posing an obstacle to our global empire.� The "dissident" analyses of Chomsky and others are not easily dismissed, but that kind of discussion is never in our American mainstream media .� Cold War propaganda constantly focused on the evil "communist conspiracy" that would take over the world.� Insert "capitalist" for "communist," and it described the real situation more accurately.� America’s Glo bal Empire efforts are unlikely to succeed.� One need not study biblical prophecy to see where events are probably headed, particularly in light of the World Trade Center attacks.� No tyranny lasts forever, and as the USA has led the global proliferation of weaponry, it is becoming harder to monopolize the means of violence.� The people that run the USA acted as if nobody could fight back against our murderous bullying.� When a bully backs somebody into a corner and keeps on beating, what recourse does the victim have?� In order to survive, the victim may run home, get a gun, and change the terms of engagement.� Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden stated publicly in the late 1990s that people with the means and motive to crop-dust Washington, D.

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