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A few examples: Últimamente, he ido al cine todos los sábados. (Spanish) [present perfect] Ultimamente, tenho ido ao cinema todos os sábados. (Portuguese) [present perfect] Lately, I have been going to the cinema every Saturday. [present perfect continuous] He pensado en pedirle matrimonio. (Spanish) [present perfect] Tenho pensado em pedi-la em casamento. (Portuguese) [present perfect] I have been thinking of asking her to marry me. [present perfect continuous] As the last two examples suggest, the Portuguese present perfect is often closer in meaning to the English present perfect continuous.

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In 1860, after the Tetuan War, Morocco ceded Sidi Ifni to Spain as a part of the Treaty of Tangiers. The following decades of Franco-Spanish collaboration resulted in the establishment and extension of Spanish protectorates south of the city, and Spanish influence obtained international recognition in the Berlin Conference of 1884: Spain administered Sidi Ifni and Western Sahara jointly , cited: An infantry brigade (mainly equipped with Pandur II APC ), a mechanized brigade (mainly equipped with Leopard 2 A6 tanks and M113 APC) and a Rapid Reaction Brigade (consisting of paratroopers, commandos and rangers). The Navy (10,700 personnel, of which 1,580 are marines ) has five frigates, seven corvettes, two submarines, and 28 patrol and auxiliary vessels ref.: The “treaty” betw een Mexico and the USA, legitimating the USA's seizure, was signed in early 1848, and before the U. Senate even ratified the treaty, gold was found on John Sutter’s land, in today’s Sacramento.� The USA's biggest gold rush was then underway, and the usual rabble got to California any way they could.� Sailing around South America was one way, and going overland to California was another, which was by far the most common method for the more than 200,000 gold seekers that made it to California by 1852.� The quickest and easiest way, however, was to sail to Colombia and go overland across the Isthmus of Panama.� The USA signed a treaty with Colombia in 1846, as its empire began straddling North America, for rights to pass through the Isthmus and build a railroad across it, which was completed in 1857.� The trip from New York to San Francisco was thereby shortened to about two weeks.� Before Polk, Indian removal ideology held that natives could be always pushed westward as the empire expanded, but Polk’s rapid successes leapfrogged the continent.� The natives could not be pushed further westward…or could they?� The Indians of the California coastline, from San Francisco to the tip of Baja California, had suffered almost complete genocide at the hands of Spanish priests and soldiers by 1846.� All of Southern California’s coastal tribes were extinct long ago; the only coastal natives that survived California’s mission era were those that fled inland.� When the 49-ers arrived, there were only about 150,000 surviving California natives, from a pre-Columbian population of at least 300,000 and perhaps double that.� The man who initiated the genocide of California’s natives is up for sainthood today, and I went to a school named after him, and that most important part of his legacy was never told me as a child.� Indian removal westward was not practical in California, so the first governor of California, which joined the Union in 1850, called for an open season on California’s natives.� There was a lucrative head bounty on the natives of California, and in the 1850s and 1860s the slaughter of the remaining California natives may have been the most intense genocidal effort of the entire history of the white man in North America, which also escaped my California history textbooks.� When the 49-ers slaughtered entire villages every weekend for fun and profit, the surviving children were often sold into slavery in Sacramento and San Francisco.� Indian girls brought twice the price of Indian boys, because they also served as concubines for the “settlers.”� Similar dynamics took place in Oregon Country read online.
in addition, this bibliography goals to symbolize the most contributions from assorted historiographical traditions, from Latin the United States, Europe, and North America , cited: the 2 phrases simply easily do not hold an analogous weight in either languages ref.: download epub. Portugal's significant newspapers have digital types, and a number of other digital newspapers are released at the world-wide-web: Euronoticias, Informação on-line, Jornal electronic and Lusomundo. features a variety of hyperlinks to information regarding Portugal, really within the zone of leisure. web entry has extended to the purpose the place 20 approved operators supply web access ref.: Literary Adaptations in Spanish Cinema (Monografías A). examine the examples within the following desk: Antonio de Nebrija, writer of Gramática de l. a. lengua castellana, the 1st grammar of recent eu languages. [21] within the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Spanish underwent a dramatic switch within the pronunciation of its sibilant consonants, identified in Spanish because the reajuste de las sibilantes, which led to the specified velar [x] pronunciation of the letter ⟨j⟩ and—in a wide a part of Spain—the attribute interdental [θ] ("th-sound") for the letter ⟨z⟩ (and for ⟨c⟩ sooner than ⟨e⟩ or ⟨i⟩) , cited: read pdf. the character of this keep watch over diversified, from the benign to the genocidal, and the explanations additionally differed, from state to kingdom, from period to period, from easy greed to ideologies of racial and ethical superiority comparable to The White Man's Burden ref.: The Colombian Novel, 1844-1987 (Texas Pan American).
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