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Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Panama Canal. [241] See Ovidio Diaz Espino’s How Wall Street Created a Nation, p. 190. [242] See Ovidio Diaz Espino’s How Wall Street Created a Nation, pp. 133-149. [243] See Ovidio Diaz Espino’s How Wall Street Created a Nation, pp. 151-196. [244] See Christopher Simpson’s The Splendid Blond Beast, pp. 48-49. [245] For a brief summary of Iraq’s rich history, see Geoff Simons’s Iraq: From Sumer to Saddam, pp. 79-146.� Among other sources I used to gain a glimpse of the region’s deep history are Albert Hourani's A History of the Arab Peoples; Robert Payne's The History of Islam; and Carl Roebuck's The World of Ancient Times. [246] See a brief summary in Erik Z�rcher’s Turkey: A Modern History, pp. 170-172.� The devastation of the Anatolian peninsula was due to ten years of fighting, forced migrations, genocide, famine, disease, and the like.� World War I was the centerpiece of the suffering, but not the only component.� For instance, the Turks “won” at Gallipoli, even though they suffered greater casualties than the French and British invaders did.� [247] Winston Churchill wrote, "I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas…I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes…(Chemical weapons are only) the application of Western science to modern warfare."� See Geoff Simons’s Iraq: From Sumer to Saddam, pp. 179-183.� See also Noam Chomsky's Deterring Democracy, p. 182.� [249] See Noam Chomsky's Powers and Prospects, p. 83. [250] See Ralph Epperson’s The Unseen Hand, pp. 73-74. [251] See Stuart Ewen’s PR!, The Social History of Spin, pp. 102-127. [252] See James Loewen’s Lies My Teacher Told Me, pp. 22-36. [253] See Julian Simon’s The State of Humanity, p. 183. [255] See James Dunnigan and Albert Nofi’s Dirty Little Secrets of World War II, pp. 48-50. [256] See a discussion of those plans in Noam Chomsky’s Deterring Democracy, esp. pp. 45-64.� An easily readable summary of it is in Noam Chomsky’s What Uncle Sam Really Wants.� [257] See a discussion of those documents in Noam Chomsky’s What Uncle Sam Really Wants, and a broader discussion in Chomsky’s Deterring Democracy.� [258] The best single-volume lesson on those post-war U.

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