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Even then, their welcome was initially good, although with Soto in charge, a reconnaissance foray raped an entire nunnery of several hundred virgins and then slaughtered the local populace when they resisted it. [18] � The surprise attack, capture, ransoming, and murder of the Incan emperor made even Charles V uneasy, as his men did that to a sovereign, which challenged the Divine Right of Kings doctrine.� The Spanish accounts of Cuzco's subsequent sack give some hint of what their capital city was like, and along with Tenochtitl�n, they were the New World’s two most spectacular cities, and perhaps the world’s. [19] � When the Soto's entrada invaded Florida in 1539 and marauded through today’s Southeast USA for three years, it may have been history’s most destructive expedition; it laid waste to the entire region, mainly from the diseases they left behind.� One native empire had already been devastated by European epidemics when Soto passed through, so even then, Soto intruded upon a far from unsullied land, but the chroniclers of that expedition, as bent as they were for plunder, described intriguing peoples, ones who seemed largely at peace with their neighbors, although warfare was not unknown and apparently increased as populations became more dense.� Soto was about the first and last European to see the Mississippian culture, which had flourished for several centuries before becoming extinct from European invasion and disease.� Some mounds are several thousand years old.� The Mississippian period began declining a century before Soto showed up.� Why they declined is one of archeology’s current mysteries, and there are educated guesses about what it was like then.� It is not unreasonable to wonder if European epidemics washed through the Mississippian culture as early as the 1518 smallpox epidemic that raged through Mesoamerica and carried off millions of people, or even the unrecorded slavers that hit the Florida coastline before Ponce de Le�n’s entrada of 1513.� When Francisco V�zquez de Coronado's expedition invaded today’s American Southwest in 1540, looking for cites gilt in gold, the natives had already been visited by Spanish slaving expeditions, so they resisted Coronado’s invasion, which was the first Spanish entrada that tried treating the natives well.� It ended up much as the other Spanish invasions did, however. [20] � Although openly predatory, the Coronado entrada described gentle peoples, with even rival tribes relatively peacefully, including those who hunted bison on the plains.

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Cortés was a Spanish conquistador who assembled an army from the Spanish Colonies consisting of 600 men, 15 horsemen and 15 cannons. Using the assistance of a translator, Doña Marina, he assembled alliances with discontented subdued tribes in the Aztec empire. Through decisive use of superior weapons and native assistance, also the help of European disease which had already wrecked native populations, successfully conquered the Aztecs capturing Montezuma II, the current emperor, the city of Tenochtitlan and looting large amounts of Aztec gold Prior to the 1990s, private higher education institutions were nonexistent, and the small number of enrollments available in public universities was responsible for a huge gap between the number of applicants and the number of admissions. To complicate matters, access to universities was dependent on different factors dictated by different governments In Portuguese, unstressed vowels have been more unstable, both diachronically (across time) and synchronically (between dialects), producing new vowel sounds click online.
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