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International Relocation Inc has over a decade of experience handling fragile and specialty items that need to be shipped worldwide. We are the trusted go-to company for many business and residential clients who have specialty shipping needs.

Fragile Shipping 

When fragile items such as a chandeliers, antique furniture or pianos need to be shipped, we have the solutions to get it to your destination in a safe manner. International Relocation Inc movers have years of experience with packing and use the highest quality materials that are meant to be used for international shipping and therefore more durable ensuring your items arrive safe. In addition,International Relocation Inc works with professional carpenters that will build crates for individual needs.

Fragile Items

Glass Table Tops:  In most cases, glass table-tops require special packing and handling. Our team of experts will prepare your fragile pieces so that they will arrive in the same manner it left your hands.
Fine Art: We ship for galleries, artists and art dealers, and trust us with their fragile one-of-a-kind artwork. All of our crates and corrugated containers are built and cushioned for the artwork being shipping.

Antiques: When shipping antiques, knowledge and experience of packing is vital. International Relocation Inc wants you to receive your items in the same condition it left your point of origin.  We will custom pack, crate and ship fragile antique jukeboxes, collectibles and family heirlooms.
**Please make sure to mention any fragile/bulky items that need special handling to your relocation consultant**


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