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Shipping To Canada – International Relocation Inc
Moving to Canada is a task that International Relocation Inc performs on a weekly basis. Once you have secured employment and chosen your place of residency now is the time to choose International Relocation Inc to complete your move to Canada. 
To enter Canada, there are certain documents that you will need to have in your possession:
  • A Canadian immigrant visa (if applicable) and Confirmation of Permanent Residence for each family member.
  • A valid passport or other travel document for each family member.
  • Two copies of a detailed list for all personal or household items that you are bringing with you on your move.
  • Should you have items arriving at a later date, two copies of a list of these items along with their money value is also required.
  • Official documentation that lists what vaccinations you and your family have already had is necessary. Please note that immunization or vaccination records are required for children to enroll in school. 
If you are a snowbird International Relocation Inc can offer you a discounted package between your American and Canadian destinations. Should you have a vehicle, this can be included in your package.
International Relocation Inc can relocate you to any city of your choosing in Canada. You will find our services unparalleled in the industry. With International Relocation Inc relocating to Canada is always door to door! Call us today to get a free quote for your move Toll Free :1-866-901-4685


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